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Home Schooling Requirements

Posted by Best Homeschool Curriculum on Sunday, October 25th, 2009

Want to know the Home Schooling Requirements? If you don’t find this out first, you will regret it…

Homeschooling is needed in today’s society. You will find people in every walk of life that believed that education is the key to achieving success in the technological age that we live in. Parents don’t always agree with how the public school systems want to educate their children.

calculatorplannerMany parents are very unhappy with the way the public school system is set up and they want to opt for something better for their child. The majority of the time, parents who are having these concerns choose private schools. Lately, the trend has been going toward parents homeschooling their children in their own home. Home schooling, prevalent prior the inception of formalized school systems, is making a return to the mainstream because some parents either do not approve of the curriculum of school systems or are even against the idea of formalized school systems, or find themselves holding greater capacity to educate their children in the best possible manner.

If you’ve concluded that homeschooling is the perfect choice for you and your child, then you need to follow through with your decision. The decision to homeschool is not a small one to make. You need to be prepared in every way for the transition of your child from public school (if that went already) to a home learning environment. You will have the full responsibility of taking care of your child’s education. It is a big responsibility to bear, so make sure you think it over really good before you take it on.

Be sure to educate yourself and how your state is regulated concerning homeschooling on the home schooling requirements before you withhold your child from public school. No need to go to jail over not following the state’s guidelines concerning the practice of home education. The guidelines should be looked at first before you do anything else. It will also educate you concern the overall process.

It is very common throughout the United States to find that majority of states will require that you notify them of your intention to homeschool by a certain deadline. Else you may find yourself doing some jail time. In a few rare cases, some states allow you to post your child without ever notifying the state. Those states include states like Texas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Alaska, and Illinois.

Some states require that you notify the state first, and then after that, you will need to acquire any public school records of that child has went to public school. In some states, you may be required to do a number of things beyond this initial requirement. Many require a curriculum that you intend to follow. Some will require that you are credited as a parent-teacher and it may even require an in-home visit a local education officials. After your child get started in the homeschooling environment, so says will require that the parent reports into the local school superintendent’s office with the homeschool attendance records, test scores, and other required records.

Find Out The  Home Schooling Requirements

It is very important for you to find out the different requirements for home schooling in your state. For one, it will help you make sure that once you home school your child, your child’s education is actually being recognized by the state. The child will have very hard time getting into college if they are not homeschooled in a way that is accepted by their home state. Second, the state may provide you with various forms and guidebooks as you home school your child. People have never homeschooled before will find that this information will be invaluable when they get started. You will not be left in the dark once you get the state’s official guidebook. You will know what documents that you need to submit on a regular basis for your child to be legally recognized as being homeschooled. In this way, you are also assured that your child is at par level with any other child enrolled in a regular school setting. In this process, be sure to ask the state official about what colleges and universities will need to have to accept your homeschooled child as a student following secondary school.

Home schooled children may be required a marginal number of steps that regular applicants are not required to take in order to qualify for their chosen university. They may even require that your child pass a GED exam to prove that they have acquired sufficient adequacy in their secondary homeschool education. Some states require using an accredited homeschooling curriculum. While you’re at your local education authority’s office, and probably be able to do a little research into the local and state scholarship opportunities that are available for your situation.

Make no bones about it, homeschooling is a task that is not easy but the rewards are high. It is your job as the parent to make sure that you’re doing everything that is legally possible to give your child the best education. Visit your state or local government education office in order to make an educated decision and in order to get the approval you’d need to push through with home schooling your child.